Cyberian Tigers #16880

FTC Robot.jpg
Brody Miller C

Brody Miller

I love to build computers and play video games. I am a part of many clubs, including FTC Robotics, Science Olympiad, and Science Bowl. I am also a team co-captain and am involved in many aspects of our squad.

Glenda Root C

Glenda Root

I am the artist of the team and I am head of marketing/outreach. This is my second year on career tech's robotics team. 

Riley Ames C

Riley Ames

I drive and test the robot, and often help with building the robots. This is my second year in robotics. Robotics is a great way to challenge yourself and innovate with friends.

Delano Horner C

Delano Horner

I am a blacksmith and welder. I like to design, build and repair. I am one of the team's co-captains.

Joy Lomelino

Joy Lomelino

I am a senior and I will be attending University of Alaska Fairbanks to pursue Computer Science upon high school graduation. I am one of the programmers for the team.