Cyberian Tigers

Brody Miller.jpg

Brody Miller

I love to build computers and play video games. I am a part of many clubs, including FTC Robotics, Science Olympiad, and Science Bowl. I am also a team co-captain

Glenda Root.jpg

Glenda Root

I do digital design and outreach.

Carolyn Deal.jpg

Carolyn Deal

I like horseback riding and working on a farm. I am part of the robotics team and I do a lot of community outreach.

Delano Horner.jpg

Delano Horner

I am a blacksmith and welder. I like to build stuff. I am one of the team's co-captains.

Cedar Massie.jpeg

Cedar Massie

My name is Cedar. *This information has been classified.*  I'm one of the programmers for the team.

Joy Lomelino

Joy Lomelino

I am a senior and I will be attending college to become an engineer. I am one of the programmers for the team.

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