Tech Tigers #15947

Tiger 1.png
Adam Wargo TC

Adam Wargo

I like to go outside and ski. I am working on collecting sponsors & community outreach for the team. I am also the business manager.

Daniel _Boone_ Earns T

Daniel "Boone" Earns

I am one of the team members that does community outreach projects, collects sponsors, and also aid with the engineering notebook.

Brandon McCarran T

Brandon McCarran

I am part of the team working on the engineering notebook.  I enjoy playing videos games in my spare time.

Armondo Figueroa.jpg

Armondo Figueroa

I am the main driver for the team. When not in robotics I enjoy working on the school's TigerTV news program.

Austin Boyd TC

Austin Boyd

I am one of the designers and builders for the robot team.  In my spare time I like to go for bike rides and play volleyball.

Ian Hangartner T

Ian Hangartner

I am the captain for the team and the main programmer.  I enjoy learning computer science and programming in my spare time.

Declan Horner T

Declan Horner

I am part of the design and build team as well as the part of the testing group.  In my spare time I play Kerbal Space Program and try to ski without falling to much.

Gunnar Kelly T

Gunnar Kelley

I am in charge of CAD for the team, part of the design and building team, and the back up driver.  In my spare time I enjoy playing MineCraft and spending time with my family.