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Community Outreach

CTHS Robotics has reached out and helped their community in many ways. Below is a summary of a few of the projects our teams have completed.

Our Newest project

    Teeland Mentoring
CTHS Robotics members have always been excited to work with others. We were especially excited when, after our previous years' demo, and giving them a 3D printer from our School, the Teeland FLL Team had wanted to work with us more. some of our team members head to the neighboring school on Tuesdays to teach them about FIRST, 3D printing, design, and teamwork. many of the students are entering highschool soon, and are excited to join an FTC team.

    Face Shield Project
CTHS Robotics responded to the Covid pandemic by researching needs in their community.  Through contacts at local hospitals, businesses, churches, and the school district it was determined that face shields were in high demand.  After dozens of prototypes and lots of product testing the teams created a high quality face shield incorporating their skills in 3D modeling and printing.

  The face shields were made available to teachers, staff and workers around Alaska so that everyone can be safe and comfortable in their everyday environment.  The teams completed over 1560 shields for free, many with fabric attachments that hang from the shield to the chest.  Some of the recipients of our shields were:  CARRS in Palmer, OPA (Orthopedic Physicians of Alaska), ANMC (Alaska Native Medical Center), food service workers and teachers from the MSBSD (Mat-Su Borough School District), and many more. 

4 Shield Shell Print.jpg
CTHS Robotics Lettering.jpg
Kathy Kern, teacher CTHS.jpg
Shield Assembly.JPG
Sherrod Staff Pic 2 (1).JPG
Carrs Palmer Employees.jpg
Alaska Native Hospital Employee.jpeg
Completed Shields.JPG
Large delivery of shield shells.jpg
Sherrod Staff Pic 1 (1).JPG
MSBSD Lettering.jpg

    Culinary Mixers Project
Our team fixed electric mixers for the culinary arts program so they have the resources to work on their culinary skills. Team members repaired 6 professional grade mixers from the culinary department of CTHS that were broken.  The department was preparing to purchase new mixers but asked if our team could possibility repair the older ones first.  The team was successful and saved the school thousands of dollars.


   Stand Up Computer Desks Project

Staff at CTHS requested our help in modifying new computer stand up desks.  Our team designed, modeled, and 3D printed attachments to the desks to prevent the stands from tipping over during transitions from sitting to standing.

Melody Desk1.jpg
Melody Desk2.jpg

    School Chairs Project

In the spring of 2020 our Robotics team members designed, 3D printed, and installed PETG plastic parts to fix over 100 broken pneumatic chairs at CTHS.  The estimated cost for repair was close to $10,000 and the replacement estimate was over $20,000.  The team repaired all the chairs for less than $100. Currently our FTC teams continues the project; fixing new breaks and replacing 3D printed parts that fail.  Happily the PETG plastic parts have rarely failed.

The many prototypes.jpg
Finished 3D print.jpg
Beginning of 3D Print.jpg
Dakota placing part in chair.jpg
Dakota and Caleb Fixing McDowell's Chair

    3D Printer Assembly Project

Our FTC teams assembled 7 new 3D printers; 4 of which are to be delivered to nearby high schools.  The printers needed assembly, testing, and modifications to run optimally.  The team came in during their summer break to complete this project.

New 3D Printers Assembled.jpg
Assembling New 3D Printers.jpg

    "Buster" the Robotic School Bus Project

The Mat-Su School Borough School District Transportation Department contacted our teams inquiring if we could repair a mini robotic school bus.  It had been stored in the district warehouse for years unused and they hoped we could bring it back to life.  The team repaired internal electronics, installed a Bluetooth amplifier, swapped out old batteries, and configured the remote control.  "Buster" the robotic school bus project is still in progress and will be delivered back to the district transportation department soon so they can give fun safety presentations.

Bus Group Photo.jpg
Buster the School Bus Repair.jpg
Buster Pic1.jpg
Buster pic 2.jpg

    CTHS School Piano Repair

The electronic piano located in the commons at CTHS has fallen into disrepair over the past few years.  First only a couple keys stopped working, then a few more, and now only a few keys work on the whole piano.  We have many talented musicians who enjoyed playing for their classmates throughout the day, but that option was not available anymore. 


As well the feature to play audio music through the piano speakers worked on old floppy disk technology and needed to be upgraded.  Our robotics teams took the entire piano apart finding many broken and corroded parts.  They are in the progress of ordering new parts and 3D modeling/printing parts to fix the piano, as well as adding new Bluetooth upgrades to replace the ancient floppy disk system.

piano 1.jpg
Piano 2.jpg
Piano 3.jpg
Piano 5.jpg
Piano 4.jpg

    CTHS Virtual 360 Degree Tour

With Covid preventing or limiting the number of guests to our school, our teams were tasked with producing an online virtual tour.  Our team, led by Cyberian Tiger Joy Lomelino, designed, filmed, and edited a 360 degree virtual tour.  The finished product is complete with drone footage of the exterior of the school, 360 degree freedom for the viewer throughout the video, and a voiceover describing the many aspects and unique features of the school. 


The team incorporated the Business Pathway for the film, specifically the teacher and students from the Marketing class.  The team filmed with a GoPro Fusion 360 camera, fashioning a helmet mount so the camera operator would not be in the 360 degree shot.  As well the teams had to learn different software including GoPro Fusion software and Adobe Premiere Pro.

tour 3.jpg

    UVC Lighting in School HVAC System

CTHS Robotics teams were awarded a $15,000 grant from the MTA Foundation to continue their Covid mitigation work.  The foundation saw the production and success of the face shield project and is entrusting the teams with this large grant.  One of the plans we looked into for the grant is to install UVC lighting in the large HVAC system of CTHS.  The teams have worked with the Operations and Maintenance Department for the school district to be sure they are compliant with all regulations.  They have taken multiple tours of the HVAC system with the head of HVAC for the district.  And the teams have done lots of research into the correct type of bulbs, duration and intensity needed to kill viruses, suppliers, and much more.

  This project is currently on pause, however with the amount of research and footwork our teams have done, we plan to continue sometimes in the future.  The team is working on a detailed proposal for the Maintenance and Operations Department and the district on the project.  If successful the grant could fund installation in the other 3 bays at CTHS, and could spread throughout the district. 

HVAC 1.jpg
HVAC 6.jpg
HVAC 3.jpg
HVAC 4.jpg
HVAC 5.jpg

    Eyeglass Face Shield Design Project

The full face shield design implemented over the past year has been very successful with over 1000 shields produced.  Recently we began to receive requests for a eyeglass version of our shield.  Some benefits of an eyeglass design is the lighter weight and not getting in the way of longer hair.  Our team began working on designing their own eyeglass design and have been through multiple prototypes.  The latest 3D printed versions are very close to be ready for mass production and distribution.

eyeglass 1.jpg
eyeglass 3.jpg
eyeglass 2.jpg
eyeglass 4.jpg

   Teeland Middle School FLL Presentation and Party

Our FTC teams had fun traveling over to Teeland Middle School, presenting how our season was progressing, and learning how their FLL season was shaping up.  We brought over our competition robots, as well as just some fun robots to race around.  Our teams supplied pizzas and pop, and their squad brought ice cream and all had a great time.

Teeland 1.jpeg
Teeland 2.jpeg
Teeland 3.jpeg
Tealand 4.jpeg

    FIRST Promotional CNC Art

Our very artistic talented team member Glenda Root created an awesome piece of art promoting FIRST with her fantastic assistant (and FTC team member) Riley.  They spend days drawing, modeling using Autodesk Fusion 360, CNC'ing, painting, staining, and adding coats of poly to create this masterpiece.  It will be hanging in the school for years promoting the ideals of FIRST.

Art 7.jpg
Art 6.jpg
Art 5.jpg
Art 3.jpg
Art 2.jpg
Art 1.jpg

    Alaska State Fair

Our team helped Colony and CTE with a miniature tech expo at the fair! we got to show off our state champ robot and design, while also letting kids try their hand at controlling and driving a robot. We talked to several people of all ages, telling them about the engineering process, how to get involved, and of course gracious professionalism. 

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